Useful Info

EWF is opening the door to unique opportunities all over the world – and place your expertise where it’s needed most.

* We don’t just talk the talk – won’t waste your time with roles that don’t suit your unique skills set;

* Global possibilities – the world’s most exciting permanent and contract positions;

* Keeping in touch – you’ll be the first to know when there’s a role to match your ambitions;

* Support, support, support .


– Promoting the position through our global network, headhunting, advertising, job alerts and web 2.0 networking;

– In-depth interview to match you to your ideal employer and agreed target companies

– CV submission

– Checking Background, Licenses and Certifications [Management Roles and Marine Personnel]

– Regular communication and updates for successful applicants

– Pre-interview preparation

– Interview

– Debrief and feedback

– Candidate care


We are committed to ensuring our contractors feel safe and supported and we offer access to our risk preparation tools, as well as emergency SMS or email updates should the assignment be in a high risk location. We understand that moving somewhere new for a short-term job can be stressful, so we give information on cultural practices, emergency service information and key local facts and figures, including weather reports. This allows you to focus on your assignment without having to spend time researching your new location.


As a EWF contractor, you may be entitled to submit expenses as part of your assignment. You can do so by completing the form via the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact us.